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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

While the greatest athletes in football play in the NFL, the best rules in football belong to the CFL.

In the CFL when two minutes and twenty seconds remain in the half they continue to play. Often in the NFL they all stand and stare at the clock as it slowly ticks down to the two-minute warning. It's like watching paint dry.

In the CFL a kickoff leads to a return which is often the most exciting play in the game. In the NFL the kickoff usually leads to a touchback.

When I talk to people in the USA about the Canadian game they often say; "Only in Canada could you get a point for missing a field goal." and then they laugh. But as we saw this year in Edmonton, the decision to concede the point or try to run it out can make the difference between winning and losing. The possibility of a single point on a punt can create excitement as well. The rouge beats the touchback. (Anything beats a touchback.)

And why does the NFL treat overtime as if they're renting the field by the hour? The most dramatic part of the game is played in a hurry. In the regular season if you win the coin flip and get a touchdown the game is over; your opponent never touches the ball. In the CFL he is granted equal opportunity. In a multi-billion dollar enterprise crucial decisions should not be made by coins..

The NFL has the pageantry and the greatest players. The CFL has the best game.

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